The Demon's Claws

Montreal's Demon's Claws have a way of injecting a certain rural clear cut twang to the usual gritty hovel of garage rock territory. The band has been an In the Red mainstay for a few years now, churning out a wild and ragged brand of rock that sweats minimum wage frustration. Their latest LP for the venerable In The Red institution, originally titled The Defrosting of Walt Disney but shortened for apparent legal reasons, is yet another furious patch of garage-punk with a wide Stones-ian reverence for the roots of rock. Ramshackle and ready to burst, bust or break at a moments notice, the band are yet another reason Candada's got a hold on frazzled punk these days. The boys temper the more frenetic bits with subtle touches of psych shimmer and some gazing into the smoother reaches of their roots digging tendencies; solidifying the countrified heart of rock n' roll. This one's guaranteed to melt the head of Disney or any other iceburg'd conglomerates.

[MP3] The Demon's Claws - Last Time at the Pool
[MP3] The Demon's Claws - Fed From Her Hand

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