After a lengthy sabbatical, the Bored Fortress singles club returns and with a lineup that feels as solid as ever within Not Not Fun's corner of the noise/psych/experimental universe. The full lineup featured entries from Wet Hair, Sex Worker, Gnod, Ducktails, Infinite Body, Taterbug, Psychic Reality, No Age, High Wolf, Robedoor, Peaking Lights and Rangers.

Wet Hair / Peaking Lights – Bored Fortress 7"
An inspired pairing if we do say so ourselves; Peaking Lights and Shawn Reed's Wet Hair perfectly balance their use of space and rhythm on this first offering from the Bored Fortress. Peaking Lights occupy
space on a dub plateau deep in interstellar waters. The track echoes in a vacuum of forgotten tranquility and a deep valley of syrupy psych. On the flip Wet Hair turn in one of their best yet, full of burbling keys and a gently pulsating rhythm; the track is the culmination of styles that have orbited the Wet Hair universe for years. Setting the standards high for the entries to follow, this single is proof of exactly why the series exists.

[MP3] Wet Hair - Blessed

Gnod / Robedoor – Bored Fortress 7"
Not Not Fun tap the steadily incredibly British psych unit Gnod for a 7" that curtails their expansive tendencies into a gauzy knot of space rock that's as welcomed as anything in their cannon. On the flip
Robedoor, also ones to usually burn up an entire side of a 12", are reigned in by format restrictions to welcome results. Where they often get too wrapped up in the brutality of their own compositions, here they get in and out in perfect form. It's the short form psych burner that they've long need to make. Again, this round of the series has set the bar extremely high, so I'm definitely on edge to see what the next round holds in store.

[MP3] Robedoor - Solid State

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