Kinit Her

On first listen Kinit Her sound like field recordings of ritualistic ceremonies performed on mist-heavy, moonless nights. An overt sense of the occult flows through their compositions, dripping like fresh blood from the altar; drones conjured via animal horn seem to bump against the exorcised screams of the sacrifice and then the clouds rescind and there's a delicate sense of pagan folk that rises out of these harsh surroundings. The band succeeds in being neither totally immersed in their psych-folk leanings nor their naturalist drone impulses. Instead they play both elements against each other over the course of the tape, painting a scene with an auditory brush. The band may have lost a member recently, but the core strength remains in the duo's dark wanderings. An excellent release from the newly minted Brave Mysteries label whose upcoming schedule looks to unveil many more great treasures in tape form.

[MP3] Kinit Her - Walled

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Blogger michael said...

That was sick. Until they started singing :(

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