Demdike Stare

Liberation Through Hearing acts as the centerpiece to a trilogy of vinyl releases set for 2010 by haunted duo Demdike Stare. Forest of Evil opened the door, and with this release the pair commune openly amongst the ruins of the afterlife. The title comes from a concept in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and alludes to the path to rebirth once struck into the murky waters of said afterlife. With Demdike's position on the darkest end of the dubstep spectrum, tottering just between beat and hauntology's most twilight passages, it seems a fair choice for soundtrack to fumbling through the mists of transitory life. Strengthening the impact of this already solid release is the mastering job handled by leftfield's premier house, Berlin's Dubplates and Mastering. With this release feeling much more expansive than its predecessor, curiosity is high for what the final installment holds in wait. Whatever sonic ruminations are to unfold though, chances are with Canty and Whittaker at the helm it'll be interesting.

[MP3] Demdike Stare - Caged in Stammheim

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Totally entranced by these first two releases. Thanks for another awesome find guys.

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