The Bitters EP

Aerin Fogel and Ben Cook follow up their well-received album on Mexican Summer with an entry into Sacred Bones' color-coded EP series. Have a Nap Hotel feels more concise than the album, proving that the band may be best over the course of an EP than they fare on the long player. Fogel's still got the perfect yowl to tie together their garage buffed post-punk into a taught, urgent mess of wires and ticks. Flailing as if attacked by invisible enemies and then doused with a cool sense of detachment, the band play both sides of the card with equal aplomb. The key here is that they've made the transitions seem less sudden, sliding back and forth between fight and flight on casters. As we've mentioned countless times in the past, regardless of what treasures lie on the insides of Sacred Bones releases, its the consistency of packaging that always make these essential purchases.

[MP3] The Bitters - Dark Wide Holes

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