Amon Düül – Paradieswärts Düül
Though they were the original group to adopt the name Amon Düül are often lesser known than Amon Düül II, which would come to form in the wake of the original group's demise. Whereas the latter focused more on the German progressive sound
the former stayed true to their commune beginnings with psych-folk centered freakouts that bespoke a deep connection with psychedelics. Their first two albums spawned from a jam session that was marked by erratic percussion and little musical structure so it’s a notable departure on their third album that, despite delving into experimental midsections, the songs here tend to have discernable forms. Still the band tends to use repetition (that would later show up in its Krautrock form in Amon Düül II) to weave a hypnotic blanket of sound that was fitting of their outlook and direction, not to mention their deep connection to drugs as a driving force. The latest reissue of this lost classic also adds on the band's only recorded 7". Not that they ever seemed like a "singles" band but these added tracks showcase the group's most compact ideas to date, both centering on a bubbling calm that was hinted at on Paradieswärts Düül

[MP3] Amon Düül - Snow Your Thirst And Sun Your Open Mouth
[MP3] Amon Düül - Paramechanical World

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support the artist? C'mon, this title is out of print and goes new for $50 or more according to your own link. I highly doubt the artist is getting any of that money. Good thing I already own it.

10:06 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

If you're familiar with the site, all posts carry a "support the artist" link. In the case of reissues, if possible I try to find an in print version of the album, but the purpose of the feature is to highlight previously overlooked and necessary albums from the past. So being in print doesn't necessarily dictate inclusion and I'd hate for it to be the basis for exclusion. Reissues are a dicey topic as far as artist support anyway since even physical, in print, copies may stem from a company that doesn't track down obscure artists for payment. However one of the basic tenets of the site is to, if possible, buy a copy of the album and support the artists we/you enjoy. If the title is out of print I'll usually find any link to a physical product, even used, since having the album in your hands is sometimes well worth the extra cost even though that money is unfortunately not benefiting an artist directly. But thank you for pointing out one of the occasional times this link contradicts itself semantically.

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