Altar Eagle

Somehow I'd missed the first couple of Altar Eagle releases, so in expecting something in the vein of Brad Rose's usual array of drones or noisescapes, nothing could come as more of a surprise than a sweet blast of synthpop. Rose's previous pairing with his life partner Eden Hemming came in the form of the folk-centric Corsican Paintbrush, miles away from where they've currently landed. Pulsating on a bed of glycerin beats and wrapped in the gauzy pink shimmer of dream pop's best, the project's also not without its dark side; filtering in a few cold-wave shadows to balance out the ethereal splendor floating on the surface. Mechanical Gardens is out now on the always reliable Type Records.

[MP3] Altar Eagle - Honey
[MP3] Altar Eagle - Monsters

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Anonymous Glow of the cube said...

great stuff. lovin all the surge of coldwave in the last year. gonna have to feature on the cube.

7:52 PM  

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