Omon Ra II

Somehow the initial outset of Omon Ra escaped my gaze, but thankfully through a shared tape with Dirty Beaches this powerhouse of no discernible fidelity has come to the attention of RSTB as Omon Ra II. On the split Dirty Beaches pounds out his scuzzcaked Elvis jams and it all seems well and good, part of what was expected. That is until the tape is flipped and out of the speakers come the flayed histrionics of a boombox Hendrix shot too full of adrenaline and threatening to either come apart at the joints or bring the walls down trying. Seriously this level of acid bleached jam doesn't often find its way out into the world unless at least one member of Acid Mothers Temple is attached. As for the songs well they don't so much stick in your head as get pummeled past the processes of your brain that might function on memory. Damned foul luck sees this tape currently sold out at the label but hopes are high that more is on the way from The RA mk II. Be prepared when it comes.

[MP3] Omon Ra II - Jimmy Melvin

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Blogger Jaron aka Bananatree said...

SO good, these guys brought their insane wardrobe out to Alberta to rock our prairie socks off


In Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

10:07 AM  

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