L.A. Vampires & Zola Jesus

Nothing brings a smile to the faces at RSTB more than a couple of our past favorites teaming up on one of the most solidly consistent labels ever to put the needle to the wax. L.A. Vampires (Amanda from Pocahaunted) seems to have a thing for sharing space on an LP cover, her split earlier this year with Psychic Reality having already made our list for tops of the mid-year. Well she may have just bested herself with this collaborative EP recorded with the increasingly high profile chanteuse Zola Jesus. L.A. Vamps' production cues are all over this one and it festers in a swampy wallow of dub infected psychedelia that could only come out of the Pocahaunted/NNF axis. Naturally this darkened environment seems perfect for Zola's witchy vocal work and the EP straddles fences nicely between both bands' previous works. Add a nice design, with a center hole cutout and faded black and white artwork and another essential piece of the Not Not Fun puzzle tumbles out of the So-Cal enclave and onto your turntable.

[MP3] L.A. Vampires & Zola Jesus - Bone is Bloodstone

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