Evan Caminiti

When the respective parts of Barn Owl aren't joined in darkened union they're just as busy on their own. Jon Porras has crept alone under the name Elm and when not ensconced in Higuma, Evan Caminiti goes solo under his given name. Last year's Psychic Mud Shrine put aside any doubts that Caminiti couldn't bring the bucolic darkness of the Owl on his own and in quick succession West Winds erects him as a master of cavernous guitar. More meditative and cloaked in solitude than his previous offering, Caminiti constructs blues as played for scorched soil; evoking the kind of dystopian futures that exist only in the minds of Cormac McCarthy and Marcel Theroux. The label is quick to call out Hex-era Earth and that's an apt comparison, Caminiti inhabits both their Western desolateness and cinematic Morricone soul. But in the end West Winds owes only to its driving hand, with Caminiti divining lonesome drone-blues for a hypnotic dawn that may never come. Certainly if we had anything to say about it this darkness would spread forever.

[MP3] Evan Caminiti - Dust

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