Elonkorjuu – Harvest Time
Not so inline with the Finnish model of psychedelics these days but although Elonkorjuu might not have fit in amongst the eclectic folk of the Fonal collective, they'd have no trouble sharing a stage with their Swedish neighbors in Dungen.
Built on a heavy base of prog and psych-blues the band was a hit a several youth concerts in their native Finland before eventually recording this organ blasted chunk of prog history. The band released a second album in 1978, following on the success of Harvest Time, though they used the English translation of their name (Harvest) to see if they could garner more attention in the prog-heavy circles overseas. Though they were a popular live draw the limited reaction to the second album ultimately led to their disbanding shortly after its release. They were resurrected in the early '00s and have begun to play again. This new vinyl release on Shadoks is expensive but nicely packaged and limited to 500 copies, so grab one fast if you don't have this treasure on vinyl.

[MP3] Elonkorjuu - Hey Hunter
[MP3] Elonkorjuu - Praise To Our Basement

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