Cassis Cornuta

First off, the title of this one translates to "Can I Pee In My Pants Just Once" ...and that may actually be enough background to sum up the record. Begged by Ultra Eczema to release some of his massive archive of recordings, Daniel de Wereldvermaarde Botanicus has finally obliged, rounding up some of his madness onto one LP. Many of these pieces may have appeared previously on his radio show for Radio Centaal in Antwerp, a now 25 year institution. Collector of hats, cacti, found recordings and anything that might make noise, Daniel has beaten the very ideals of noise into a new, mangled shape. 808's crumble beneath field recordings, esoteric beeps and frayed wire foliage battle for subtle dominance and all under the seemingly watchful eye and edit of Botanicus. Now on its own this is a weird record but it seems that its constructor wasn't satisfied with there being only one perception of the album; he being a fan of recycled sounds and mangled audio. So once the pressing was complete Daniel snuck into the Ultra Eczema office and hand drilled anywhere from 3 to 20 extra holes in each copy. The result is the ability to play the record at a variety of "wrong" speeds that alter the perception of the song. Unhinged to say the least!

[MP3] Cassis Cornata - Ddadtaddadta

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Blogger fairest said...

For me this is file under "I don't normally like stuff like this" but this is great, thanks.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous core said...

actually in translates as:

"may I pee in your pants for a moment?"

12:04 AM  

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