Bare Wires

Matthew Melton has torn through the pages of RSTB before with the gritty psych thunder of his band Snake Flower 2 and though his past work with Bare Wires did not go overlooked, now that they've been fleshed out to a 3 piece the results are much more intriguing. Backing off the iced whollop that SF2 was known for, here Melton indulges in whims of power pop glory, 60's garage soulfulness and just an edge of glam. Still a good amount of fuzz run through the guitars but this time Melton's got wide-eyed tales of romance and small town Saturday nights on the brain. As with most things he's involved in, its the authenticity of spirit that makes the record so much fun. The songs seem to spring from the same impulses that made overlooked classics like the Quick, the Shoes and even Slade feel like a peek into a post-adolescent world of girls and heartache and pent-up frustration. Melton is able to synthesize his influences rather than just spit them back out like color copies and that's what's made the best of this current generation of garage great. Nab a copy of the vinyl on John Dwyer's ever consistent Castle Face records.

[MP3] Bare Wires - Romantic Girl
[MP3] Bare Wires - Dancing On A Dime

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Anonymous Jamie said...

These guys are great live too! I'm hearing some Equals in "Romantic Girl" you gotta love it!

12:05 AM  
Blogger mxxbock said...

this is surprisingly good

3:13 PM  

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