Ah HoZac, it seems that everything that comes this way from that venerable institution hits the sweet spot immediately. This new 7" from Fungi Girls is not exception, garage sweetness all over.

Fungi Girls – Turquoise Hotel 7"
For such young kids, the Fungi Girls seem to have their 60's inspired moves rather locked down. From the thick veneer of fuzz to the surf slide that yowls its way out of the title track of this disc, all the moves are in place and sounding pretty good. This
one's a little tougher than the free album that made rounds late last year. A side's all stomp and swagger with that aforementioned surf squeal. The flip gets a bit of jangle and a touch more pop that feels more comfortable on the band, though both sides aren't without their charms. An interesting look into what might be coming up for the band to say the least.

[MP3] Fungi Girls - Doldrums

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