Various Artists – Cloud Cuckooland
Another great compilation from the lost ranks of time via Finders Keepers/B-Muisic. This time the label focuses their magnifying glass on the lesser known side of the German rock market from the ranks of Eckart Rahn's KuckKuck Records.
Spanning a wide range of styles the label put out music that fit nicely into the overflowing German prog scenes along with soundtrack music from Fassbinder films and some exploratory early electronic music. Some of the best seem to fall into that earliest category fleshing out your Krautrock stable with a few new gems, though the Moog wizardry of Sam Spence also makes an excellent inclusion. As usual B-Music has packed this release with detailed exploits of both label and artists that paint a well rounded picture of Rahn's lifelong dedication to experimentation and his roster.

[MP3] Sonny Hennig - 1000 Tips zum Überleben
[MP3] Deuter - Dur Turm

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