Parisian label Plastic Spoons has just churned out a whole great crop of 7"s including two from RSTB faves Flight and The Fresh & Onlys. As usual these two singles powerhouses don't disappoint in the short format and both come through with killer tracks to fill out these 7's

Flight – Ghosts 7"
Once again Mississipi's finest turn on the distortion and crank the fuzz way beyond reasonable levels to craft the stomper of an A-side, "Ghosts". The tracks pummels through speakers with ease, filling your skull with enough greasy fuzz residue to last for
weeks. Naturally this only makes us want to pop the stylus back to the front and play it again each time. The flip is taken a slower clip, creeping out of the dank shadows and crawling across the grass in a wounded evil sprawl. An unexpected turn but nonetheless welcome from the one man fuzz factory.

[MP3] Flight - Ghosts

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The Fresh & Onlys – Vanishing Cream 7"
Keeping track of Fresh & Onlys singles is beginning to be a full-time job in and of itself but each time we track one down it seems well worth it. The band tears through the A-side with a chugging beat that gives way
to a slight guitar twang that reeks of engine exhaust and California rays viewed through the drop topped blur of convertible speed. A true garage classic in the best respects of the genre and honestly one of the band's best singles. As with the Flight 7", they slow the pace on the B-side, this time with a sultry jangle and dusk tinged country soul. Throw in some cover art from CapTracks/Blank Dogs' Mike Sniper and this is one you shouldn't sleep on.

[MP3] The Fresh & Onlys - Vanishing Cream

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Anonymous Yair Yona said...

thanks for this
I gotta say that F&O Invisible Forces is one of my fav singles of last year. this new one is terrific as well

6:07 AM  
Anonymous flamgirlant said...

Damn. That Flight track is so good.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys you can watch the Fresh & Onlys video here:
and here is the limited slikscreen edition of 50 copies, coming for the end of june...

10:03 AM  

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