The Moles – Untune the Sky
With a glut of 60's, 70's and 80's reissues it only seems natural that the mining of lost 90's classics should begin and this now twice reissued album by Australian band the Moles is a prime example of buried gems amongst the angst.
The band was largely the outpouring of Richard Davies but also included Hamish Kilgour among their ranks. They came to some attention touring the states with Guided by Voices but didn't quite catch on as was too often the case with bands hitting the Bats/Clean/Chills vibe in the states. After this solid first album, a few EPs and a transitory second album that began as a jumping off point for Davies' solo career they disbanded but thanks to the diligent work of Flydaddy (who reissued it in 2000) and now Kill Shaman who've put it back on LP, this classic live again. Definitely a record to check into for Flying Nun fans.

[MP3] The Moles - Bury Me Happy
[MP3] The Moles - Europe By Car

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Blogger Brushback said...

Wow, this stuff is great. I've got to hunt this down.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

love the Moles! didnt realize this was reissued, but Yes, i would like this on vinyl. Good idea Kill Shaman!

8:18 PM  

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