Los Saicos – Saicos
Los Saicos hold the distinction of once being the most popular band in Peru. The band swept through with a gritty take on British invasion in 1965 and parlayed this success from the radio waves to the airwaves (the band had their own TV
show for a brief period of time). Oddly enough though this type of popularity would usually suggest a palatability like that of their Brit counterparts but the best comparison for Los Saicos is the wild cave stomp of The Sonics, unhinged and raw. Los Saicos had a very similar aesthetic and upon disbanding the band's mysterious disappearance was shrouded in mystery and rumor (turns out they were just tired of playing). Several compilations have attempted to round up their wealth of singles, all of which are rife with bombast and youthful exuberance. A necessary collection if there ever was one and for the once sons of Lima, a welcome recognition to a world that may have long forgotten them.

[MP3] Los Saicos - Demolicion
[MP3] Los Saicos - Camisa de Fuerza

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (new version is under the name Demolicion! the Complete Recordings
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YES thanks for the tip, great band!

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