Hell Yes has been on a tear with their first string of releases, hitting all sorts of RSTB faves from The Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles to Gary War and now Vermillion Sands. Damn these overseas record labels and their devastating affect on my income!

Vermillion Sands – Something Wrong 7"
Just as much fun as the recently release 12" on Sacred Bones, this one tears through two slices of Italo-country with the A-Side keeping things upbeat, all scattershot drums and uninhibited twang. The flip takes
things down a sultrier road once travelled by Nancy Sinatra. A humid air hangs over the track that feels like mid-August in the South. Impressive that such southern gothic can be brought about by a band of Italians an ocean away.

[MP3] Vermillion Sands - Something Wrong

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (EU) HERE (US)
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