Unnatural Helpers

Seattle's Unnatural Helpers bring a big, brash dose of rock with a self-deprecating curl of the lip and a crunch of rhythm that hits like a rock to the face. Despite the slight Intelligence connection of Dean Whitmore, there exist no gritty noise tendencies on the band's Cracked Love & Other Drugs, no lo-fi leanings just thick slabs of punk bred rock that feels sweat caked and pummeling. The record feels immediately like it could have been made anytime over the last 20 years and refreshingly necessary. It's not necessarily backward leaning but more the type of classic, harder indie that seems to get lost in a split of scenes and labels lately. Despite categorization, the record is a fun, barreling blast of guitar that won't crack the concrete or blow the top off the world but will rattle your windows and relieve stress in a cathartic blast of drums.

[MP3] Unnatural Helpers - I Don't Belong To You
[MP3] Unnatural Helpers - Sunshine/Pretty Girls

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