Tobacco follows up on his excellent first album with another batch of carcinogenic psych that could only come from the twisted heart of the BMSR universe. As with the first album it follows similar ideals to the Black Moth template but kicks the rhythms into a crunching thud, propelling the super fuzzed keys into a pummel to the temple. Thankfully Anticon decided not to pressure the addition of lone hip-hop inclusion this time as Aesop Rock's vocal spot on the last one seemed out of place and took the listener out of the album's ideal experience. This time around guest duties fall to Beck who appears twice on Maniac Meat and both seem to organically mix into the flow of the album. Another sick batch of tracks that drip with psychosis and feel greased with the residue of a psyclobin hangover.

[MP3] Tobacco - Fresh Hex feat. Beck
[MP3] Tobacco - Sweatmother

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Blogger Paul said...

I thought the Aesop Rock song wasn't bad as a single though - it showed off Tobacco's versatility.

6:38 AM  

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