Kim Fowley - Animal God of the Streets
Plenty of recent praise has fallen upon Fowley what with his most famous product getting a Hollywood makeover but despite his illustrious producing career its easy to forget that the man actually recorded a
few gems himself. Say what you will about his self aggrandizing, the man did have a way with song and aside from the classic International Heroes this is best illustrated on the album Animal God of the Streets. Comprised of tracks written and recorded in New Zealand between 1969 and 1971 but never officially released until 1974. It edges past his glam touchstones and 60's pop leanings that began the storied career and gets into some dirtier realms of blues based rock n' roll. Maybe New Zealand's fixation on biker films rubbed off on him at the time, who knows but the gritty biker-psych vibe runs rampant through many of the tracks here. No need for a wrap up as the Fowley story has been told many times over but this remains one of the more vital pieces in his collection.

[MP3] Kim Fowley - Night of the Hunter
[MP3] Kim Fowley - California Swamp Dance

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