There's a restrained chaos that burns through Harague's debut LP; a disjointed pop underbelly that careens off the caterwauling pianos, a slow flame that lights off the strings of tugged taut guitars and a lyrical style that invites as many mentions of theatricality as it does of manic invocation. Their songs are catchy, but no, not in the way that choruses clasp themselves to your brain. Their songs are catchy in that they insistently burrow themselves under the skin deep enough to writhe and around the third listen you feel yourself bouncing to the jagged shambles of song that are left behind in each ensuing explosion of noise. There are cheap comparisons that can and undoubtedly will be made to bands like Wolf Parade (its probably the timbre of voice and the slow fizzle of long lingering glam inflection) or any of their many tiered offshoots, but comparisons leave little room for unexpected turns. And honestly, Harangue are chock full of unexpected turns. Though only five songs make up this S/T album they cover so much territory that its often easy to get lost in the crash of drums and the splash of the keys, but eventually the beacon of twisted pop soul always leads you back home. The remnants of this LP are becoming scarce but the band assures us that more are on their way to outlets such as S-S and Fusetron. For now you can pick some up below. Definitely worth spending some time to seek out on vinyl!

[MP3] Harangue - Wisteria

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