Swelling to a three piece for their latest album and making a label switch in the process, Growing continue down the fractured psychedelic path that they began on All The Way. Laid over a bed of writhing electronics, the band layer chugging, twitching noise that at its core is quite... catchy. Never ones to wade down a true pop road though, in truth the catchiness is more akin to hypnotic than anything else. The pieces draw listeners into an unfolding landscape of broken imagery and half-remembered digital screams. Its a spiral through the touch screen rather than through the looking glass; triabalism as imagined by circuits taken to its logical conclusion. The addition of Sadie Laska (of IUD) seems to be quite organic, with her adept abilities at noise manipulation and the occasional vocal folding seamlessly into the band's already heady palette. Pumps! doesn't seem a massive jump for the band, rather an extension of its ever expanding universe of sound; a viral corrosion of nature as they've come to perceive it and as we've always counted on them to do so.

[MP3] Growing - Hormone
[MP3] Growing - Camera 84

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