Ya Ho Wa 13

Originally released in 2008, Sonic Portation was the first album recorded under the Ya Ho Wa 13 name since the late 70's. Now Prophase has issued this triumphant return on limited vinyl, making it all the more desirable. If you've read these pages before you'll know the story of Father Yod and his band of disciples/restaurateurs. Now Yod is long gone but three of the faithful have picked the name back up and oddly enough time has only strengthened them musically. Original Yod Family members Djin, Octavius and Sunflower pick up the improvised reigns and not only do they play like no time has lapsed but they execute heavy psych better than most of their modern contemporaries. The album seethes with energy, whether cosmic or not remains to be seen but they push spirituality through their music and into meditative grooves so good it's a shame it took them as long as it has to return. The group has now recorded a few follow-ups and embarked on a full-scale tour that marks their return to form, but this is the spark that ignited the flame. Limited to 500 on blue swirled vinyl.

[MP3] Ya Ho Wa 13 - Raga Nova

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