Ulaan Khol

Stephen R. Smith brings his Ulaan Khol trilogy to a close with the release of III. This time the tone is still dark, but the execution more sinister. Desolate ambiance has been replaced with a brutal edge of dust-dry passages that at their core bring to mind Neil Young's work with Jim Jarmusch on Dead Man. The creeping pace of I and II is often swept away in a torrent of amplifier rage. This is the culminating moment we've been waiting for, the full breadth of Smith's guitar chops put to use and laid bare over the course of one blistering disc. The series complete is a work to behold but this final piece acts as both a closing argument and a stand alone work that remains one of the most engaging of Smith's career. Word is Soft Abuse will also wrap the whole series up in a box available in limited quantities. If you haven't made the move to begin your Ulaan Khol collection yet, now is definitely the time.

[MP3] Ulaan Khol - Untitled 2

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