Mattias Gustavsson's Dungen side project has always tended towards the softer side, eschewing a bit of his guitar prowess but with the pressing of this live favorite to official wax he re-embraces his inner 70's guitar god.

Life on Earth! – Blomkraftens Frukt 7"
Stacked on any compilation Blomkfraftens Frukt would easily be mistaken for a rare, lost gem from years past. It has the perfect pacing, raw edge and requisite drum solo to be cut from most classic '69 - '72
power trios' catalogs. Hell, it could almost seamlessly sit on the Charlie & Esdor reissue that came out a few years ago. Paired with a downtempo acoustic b-side that plays up emotion over power and the inquisitive interlude that closes out the single, this is one of the all around strongest releases Gustavsson has put out. Down to the weathered artwork, every bit is seamlessly in place making us all the more interested for Life On Earth! to embrace their classic side or Gustavsson to impart these impulses into another raw take from Dungen themselves. Rather essential in our books either way.

[MP3] Life On Earth! - Blomkraftens Frukt

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