Dylan Ettinger

Despite what appears to be a screenshot from Ghostbusters on the cover of his latest release, New Age Outlaws, Ettinger thankfully eschews the growing trend to fixate on the mid to late 80's through a frosted lens and, more specifically a form of after school special/PSA bed music wrapped in Saved by the Bell pinks and yellows and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle meditation. Instead Ettinger joins the ranks of Onehotrix Point Never and Steve Moore in resurrecting pure analog synth tones to their consciousness splitting rightful focus. This cassette works on repeated patterns that feel like the soundtrack to some noir tale of dark alleys and constantly encroaching peril; and the fact that these synthscapes skew much harder to Vangelis than Faltermeyer speaks to Dylan's prowess within the medium. Not to drag "hypnagogic pop" into the equation but there's a way to creep through the psychosis of the past and then there's trying to recapture the sugar high of breakfast cereals. Thankfully we have folks like Ettinger to point us down the former path. Pick this up and keep an eye out for an LP soon on Digitalis.

[MP3] Dylan Ettinger - Rico's Pawn Shop

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would not compare Oneohtrix Point Never to Steve Moore at all. Steve Moore is a REAL musician, composing complex interweaving dense synthesizer music with an INTENSE knowledge of synthesizer manipulation/usage/sounds, mind-fucking bad-ass sequences, tricky time signatures, and competent soloing/overdubbing with guitar/bass/etc truthfully in the LINEAGE to Klaus Schulze, TANGERINE DREAM, Adelbert Von Deyen, Edgar Froese, Zanov, HELDON, etc... whereas Onehtrix is the modern 'lazy man' version, nothing more than 'random' (or safely pre-planned) synthesizer and pedal play fed into a sampler, more or less modern 'noise' music (EMERALDS etc), the 'playing' of pedals/sound in an improvised manner without much focus on "composition" or "intentional musicality", although I will say that he has the ability at times to truly make 'nice' music, it is NOT what Steve does, (and do you really think Carlos Giffoni would release a Steve Moore album, oh my god a REAL MUSICIAN, with "songs"!?). I have seen both of these guys in concert as well as heard recorded works, and THAT is what I am basing my judgements on. I'm not lookin' to diss anyone, especially anyone who's making weird music one way or the other, but lets be fair about our comparisons, eh? - Brooklyn Prog Coalition.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Ci-Sun said...

I like the oldWave creepings from OneOhtrix, Dylan Ettinger, Raoul Rorschach etc. They've sometimes added steel, other times they've smoothed/gritted tracks.

7:40 AM  

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