Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches have been rumbling around on the Raven tapedeck for a little while now but for some reason or another its taken a while for them to appear in these pages. Largely a one man show that revolves around loops and electronics but just as with fellow Night People alums, Peaking Lights, its all in how you arrange things that counts. Alex Zhang Hungtai has a knack for imbuing these sparse elements with an element of distance and a strange, disembodied longing for pasts that may or may not have happened to you. An ennui for empty hotel rooms from the 70's that you only saw on television, a longing to return to a beach you've only encountered on a post card; somehow in the pulsing, half-dozed pop that winds its way through Hungtai's world these are the glimpses that run past your eyes as if through a viewfinder snatched suddenly away. The only thing left is the taste of salt air on your tongue. Perhaps its up to you to decided if the throbbing memories are a Robitussin nightmare or a noir-doped dream. Dirty Beaches seem to have a packed schedule in the coming months; chief among the upcoming releases is an LP for Night People (always reason for excitement) and a 7" for Zoo Music. Keep your eyes on those outlets for these to appear.

[MP3] Dirty Beaches - Like Dreamers Do

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