The Daily Void

Rounding out the new batch of Sacred Bones EPs is a vile (in the best sense of the word) scrap of punk from Daily Void. The band's littered singles all over small labels like Florida's Dying and HoZac; and this EP runs through the same shit covered, death obsessed, violent tempered revue they've become synonymous with. The perfect soundtrack to scowling on the bus or standing in line at the post office; Daily Void feed on a kind of human misery that can only be observed in places like these. Rusted guitars that scratch out nothing even close to hooks, just brutal Death Punk that begs to incite destruction. The band's Mac Blackout is a busy guy, what with the Voids, his own solo work and the perfect inverse to Daily Void's glum persona, the glam-punk outfit Mickey. Definitely a man to keep tabs on.

[MP3] Daily Void - Psychic Violence

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