White Fence

Tim Presley knows his way around the same garage-psych buttons that drive RSTB to dig into the debris of '66, the detritus of '67 and the fallout of '72. Floating from wide-eyed fuzz rattled garage-psych to the soft edges of Barrett-topped lysergic comedowns and on through jangle pocked pop nuggets; White Fence's S/T debut on Make a Mess is a much needed entry into 2010. The lo-fi garage stable of late has gone through a lot of phases but rarely touches on such lush arenas of anglophile comfort without injecting a bit snottiness, but Presley seems to pull it off with earnest style. Having spent time in both Darker My Love and The Strange Boys, he's no stranger to both the bare and lush sides of psychedelia and this album feels like a postcard to the past with a subtle XOXO scrawled at the bottom. I think we'd wholeheartedly echo that sentiment.

[MP3] White Fence - Destroy Everything
[MP3] White Fence - Mr. Adams

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Blogger jasego said...

This is fantastic. Watch out John Dwyer.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Shores Blog said...

niiice fabricy pysch vox

4:52 AM  

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