Three Lobed presents the debut 7" from Jack Rose/D. Charles Speer piano player Hans Chew. The best little piece of boogie bar blues that's come this way in quite some time.

Hans Chew – New Cyprus Grove Boogie 7"
Chew has played piano on Jack Rose's Black Dirt Sessions as well as D. Charles Speer and the Helix's last album and his gritty piano blues have added a much needed coloration to those recordings. Here Chew takes
his honest, southern country blues sound solo and both recordings are steeped in Memphis-smoked barroom auras that feel nothing if not authentic. The A-side is a full crown, dancefloor mover that practically swells with whiskey and cheap beer. The flip is a last-call cleanup, pulling final cigarettes and cab hails alongside sincere farewells. Both songs will be featured on Chew's upcoming LP Tennessee and Other Stories.

[MP3] Hans Chew - New Cyprus Grove Boogie

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