Moon Duo

Moon Duo catapult off the release of two formidable EPs and strike hot and vicious with their first album, Escape. The record breathes and swells like a living organism, drenched in the perspiration of permanent noon and marred with the molten tar of the Western seaboard. Helmed by Wooden Shjips' Ripley Johnson and aided expertly by Sanae Yamada, the duo make good on that namesake, rarely feeling rooted in our atmosphere but intrinsically bound to this world by the unseen pull of gravity and vibrations both benign and sinister. The foaming wall of guitars and organ rise and fall like tides; threatening always to break free of their bonds but inevitably snapping back with the undulating flow of rhythm. We've long been fans around here of the Shjips' output but Ripley proves again and again that Moon Duo are a force in their own right, not to be taken lightly.

[MP3] Moon Duo - Stumbling 22nd St.

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