A.R. & Machines - Die Die GrĂ¼ne Reise: The Green Journey
A very transitory record for Reichel, his '71 solo debut would originally be derided by critics who were used to his teen pop persona, completely caught off guard by this strident foray into blues and a burgeoning
Krautrock sound. Here he began his journey into the effects that would later prove to be so pivotal to his second record Echo, discovering a repeating effect while messing around with an Akai X-3300. Though the second album created landscapes of echo, this roots itself a bit in harder driving song forms that get lost in the ebb and flow of constant repetition. This album has been cited by Brian Eno as a great inspiration for Another Green World and indeed it does share some of the eerie overtones and sense of experimentation that fuels that record. Reichel went on to a rich solo career but its these first two post-pop albums that really seems to stick out as a quality time period in the songwriters life. Definitely a great part of the German rock continuum.

[MP3] A. R. & Machines - In The Same Boat
[MP3] A. R. & Machines - Cosmic Vibration

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

in my opinion, "Echoes" is the ONLY Achim worth picking up, and i am under the impression that "The Green Journey" is in fact sped up recordings of the same music on "Echoes", is this true? ANyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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