U.S. Girls

Megan Remy returns with another album flying under her U.S. Girls moniker on the venerable Siltbreeze records. Full of submarine transmissions from the not too distant future and channeling urban peyote hallucinations from the edge of the bomb crater; Remy has pinpointed the perfect mix of dream state skimming and cold, industrial reality. Go Grey picks up where she left off with Introducing and delves further into personal darkness and torment while at the same time also sounding like post-apoc tribal pop that swings somehow underneath the scrapes. Though there's not always a lot of light peaking through the cracks in Remy's dystopia, she has a way of making noise bubble with jubilant malice. Having been overseen by Yellow Swans' Pete Swanson only adds to this grim visage, as a master of noise and foreboding soundscapes himself, he adds a touch of grit to the album that perfectly compliments Remy's chaotic instincts. Not a bad little piece of ashen faced squelch and another formidable release in the Siltbreeze catalog.

[MP3] U.S. Girls - Red Ford Radio
[MP3] U.S. Girls - The Mountain's High

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Blogger Shores Blog said...

damn these new U.S. Girls trax sound really good. After hearing em I went straight to the Slitbreeze site to pre-order the LP but the link's not connecting. Thanks for the review-- just stumbled upon this blog and can tell I'll be coming back a lot a lot!

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