GR & Full-Blown Expansion

Gregory Raimo of French psych warriors Gunslingers strikes out on his own, taking a bit of the slingers' torched red-line guitar sound but more importantly setting it atop a steadily percolating set of Krautrock rhythms that make for a nice Ash-Ra Temple vibe throughout. Its this push-pull of rhythm and psychedelics that makes Raimo's solo album so entrancing, occasionally throwing a nice slash of organ searing through the mix and punctuating things with his Beefheart croak. Its a stew of psychedelic influence and sounds perfectly misplaced in time as do the similarly backward gazing Gunslingers. Of all things this record brings to mind its not French guitar rock, splitting the difference between the new wave of Japanese psych behemoths and a passing tide of German morotik heroes, but in bringing these two worlds together in a storm of strings and skins its hard not to thanks Raimo for his foresight.

[MP3] GR & Full-Blown Expansion - Transfiguration on a Sepiachord
[MP3] GR & Full-Blown Expansion - All Stoned Day Long They Take You

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Blogger Andrew said...

All I needed to know was that he's a member of Gunslingers. That record is friggin' insane

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