Golden Triangle

RSTB faves Golden Triangle have made the jump from small press Brooklyn basement upstarts to quasi-major indie stars quite naturally. Keeping their knack for girl-group flecked garage in tact and spreading a nice layer of spooky pop charm over the top, they still nail those popcorn beats and 3 part harmonies that bring a nice smile to our faces around here. Never ones to be pigeonholed into a garage rock corner though; GT throw in a chunk of psych greased guitar work, a wild swing of arms and feet and a steady rumble of bass that moves more than just feet. As anyone who's ever seen them live can attest the group are a wonderful combination of sexy swagger and uneasy chaos and this live presence transfers itself well into the studio environment. Its hard not to rest uneasily on the exit of a great EP, but the band has certainly made due on a few promises with Double Jointer and maybe even made a few more in its wake.

[MP3] Golden Triangle - Neon Noose

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