The Black Jaspers

The combined minds of King Khan and Jasper Hood crank out garage punk that's scraped straight off the filthy streets, pummeling like a whirl of fists and Bazooka Joe wrappers. Wrought with the King's keen sense of crass and cobbled together in a frenzied fit, its plain to see that no labor was wasted on second takes here. Then again immediacy seems to be the electric charge that propels these tracks on their erratic course. The album was recorded in 2001 and sat steaming and festering in the King's vault until In the Red unleashed it this year. Somehow it seems perfectly applicable to the lo-fi climate and doesn't show its age one bit. Not the smartest record that ever laid on our table but the perfect soundtrack to all those activities that involve no cerebral impulses, hedonism in perfect form.

[MP3] The Black Jaspers - I Want My Face On The Radio
[MP3] The Black Jaspers - Smart Car

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