Xeno & Oaklander

The minimal synth retro-futurism of Xeno & Oaklander fits into the Weird Records catalog nicely, nestling easily alongside lablemates Led Er Est and adopting the analog aesthetics of latter day synth wizards like Daniel Lopatin and Steve Moore. The negative utopia conceptualization of Sentenille actually compliments Lopatin's recent OPN trilogy nicely, though instead of a lost astronaut X&O focus on a WWII watchman who wanders between lost underwater cities in a forgotten past. Their music radiates jittery paranoia, buzzing with the kind of Orwellian horror that permeated 1980s sci-fi and with their live analog approach the group would have even made Vangelis proud. The album brings visions of bureaucratic oligarchys and socio-industrial purgatories that give reason to shudder. There is some hope too but it seems to remain fleeting, a robotic interlude of dance before more running and fear.

[MP3] Xeno & Oaklander - Sentinelle
[MP3] Xeno & Oaklander - Nuit

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