Led Er Est

The minimal synth / cold wave tide spreads ever further through the cracked streets of Brooklyn and Led Er Est have fought the nihilistic fight alongside Silk Flowers, Blank Dogs and the rest of the pack. Now the band has both an LP out on the venerable Weird Records (Dust on Common) and a 7" on Captured Tracks to wave this dominance high. The album bounces on thick cuts of analog buzz and the icy detachment that have made the 09 resurgence of 80's cold wave so appealing of late. Acerbic and yet still tuneful enough to draw in those whose eyes leave the pavement, the band also split the more tuneful side of synth Ala Cold Cave and get heads if not feet moving a bit. Balanced with a heart that beats from the industrial breast of 80's ambiance, Dust on Common rides all sides of the current synth structure, much to is benefit. Their follow-up single takes a twofold approach with a heavy mover on the A-side and the soft focus android ballad on the flip. Both are not to be overlooked and will nestle nicely in your collection this winter.

[MP3] Led Er Est - Port Isabel (from Dust on Common)
[MP3] Led Er Est - Poll Gorm (from Cap Tracks 7")

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (LP) |||| HERE (7")
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