Gonerfest 4 :: CD / DVD

A few years ago I ventured to Memphis and while a fascinating city on its own, I was heartbroken to learn later on that I'd missed an early incarnation of Gonerfest by only a few weeks. Gonerfest has now undergone its 6th incarnation and 4th compilation. The 4th comp wraps up enough RSTB favorites in one package it only digs our lack of witnessing it live in even deeper. The CD wraps up great sets from Jay Reatard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Thomas Function, CoCoComa, Gentleman Jesse and finally a new(ish) recording from The Barbaras (but where's the damn album guys?). The DVD's packed even tighter and boasts songs from The Ooga Boogas, Okmoniks, Busy Signals and more. So if you missed this a couple of fest's ago its now yours to own and damn well worth it.

[MP3] The Barbaras - Topsy Turvy Magic
[MP3] Eddy Current Suppression Ring - You Let Me Be Honest With You

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