The Dry Spells

After hearing The Dry Spells' album Too Soon For Flowers it comes as little surprise that the band shares a good portion of its members with Citay. They balance folk and the kind smoldering 70's rock balladry that moved Stevie Nicks' shawl to action, bent strings in Pentangle and Fairport and has more recently been embraced by fellow Frisco-dwellers The Sandwitches. The band leans toward crisp-winded folk that opens up like an expanse of grey skies wrought with terrible, turbulent winds. Tim Green's production gives The Dry Spells the same cutting cleanness that he's imparted to Citay over the years and it falls every bit as hard and harmonious on welcoming ears here. The band manages to wring soaring emotion and sadness out with a triumphant and wide-flung delivery rather than adopt the tendency of latter day folk-rock to wrestle with and finally succumb to overwhelming melancholy. A definite rare surprise in a bewilderingly narrowing field of entrancing folk.

[MP3] The Dry Spells - Batwood
[MP3] The Dry Spells - Lost Daughter

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