Bobb Bruno

The amount of music that Bobb Bruno has affected, recorded, taken part in and even dreamed up is unfathomable. From his own twisted wanderings as Goliath Bird Eater and under his own name to recording and playing in Pocahaunted and Best Coast to recording Magic Lantern and Silver Daggers its all gold in my book. Bobb's just put out an EP for Vosotros that moves like water between spacey atmospherics, pop sheen and country clarity; even meandering down to the grit and vinegar of noise. It's an encapsulation of much of the music that Bruno has touched in the past few years and hopefully just a teaser for his upcoming Mellow Dramas LP. It flickers hot and burns out way too quickly but thankfully there's always the option to play again.

[MP3] Bobb Bruno - Psychics

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