Bad Sports

Denton, Texas' Bad Sports bring forth one of the best modern power pop albums we've heard around here since fellow Douchemasters Gentleman Jesse and His Men laid their sweet southern charms down upon us a little over a year back. Energetic, but just to the edge of frantic, the Sports' self-titled debut brings a brash dose of unhinged catharsis that fueled the best 70's power pop. The band harbors members of Wax Museums and High Tension Wires so you know going in head first there's already a certain standard of TX garage rock quality. And just as with their brethren in said Wax Museums, the frayed edges of of their youth show through in most every aspect of the record both in its undeniably infectious energy and its rough delivery. Though they scale back the numbskull rock lyrics a bit, sticking to sex, boredom and well... mostly sex instead of the dirty dishes and glass miniatures that pop up unexpectedly in homage from the Museums. The more time this spends on the turntable the more you'll grow to love it. Earnestness is in short supply and these Texans have more of it than they can handle.

[MP3] Bad Sports - And It Goes
[MP3] Bad Sports - Nothing but Agitation

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Blogger jasego said...

Whoa, Jonathan Richman is in a new band! That's gotta be him on the left.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Thats actually a good guy named Gregory, I know because he's my neighbor and we're pals.

4:40 PM  

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