Zombi / Titan's Steve Moore brings the sci-fi synth to his usual palette of horror movie instrumentals and twisted doom. Two perfect sides of epic space synth!

Steve Moore – Fever Dream b/w 30,000 Feet Deep 10"
Moore dives into these instrumentals with as much an ear for prog as for 70's planetarium exploration tapes. Though he stops just short of making listeners feel trapped in a 3rd grade field trip and goes straight
for the psych angle on deep space analog synth. Both tracks creep through dark expanses of time and dust, opening the skull and letting in enough atmosphere to ignite the hallucinogenic receptors of the brain and flip through contorted memories of laser light shows, Blade Runner and Nova documentaries. Vangelis via Omni, not a bad place to land if you ask me.

[MP3] Steve Moore - Fever Dream

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