Witthuser & Westrupp - Trips und Traume
Though related to the emerging Krautrock and Komische music circles, Bernd Witthüser and Walter Westrupp played a sort of psych-folk that might feel more familiar to followers of the
Language of Stone or Gnomonsong labels of late. Cosmically inclined and certainly progressive for their time, but ultimately more rooted in reality than what their compatriots in Ash Ra Temple would soon birth. Several songs break the nine minute mark, with tendencies towards the loose jam spectrum but nowhere near the mind bending promised by that cover illustration. Still, the duo's restraint from edging into effect laden freakouts and their ability to languish in dark overtones make for a great combination. The sparse aura and loose folk mannerisms allow the album to have psychedelic space, a between the strings type of feeling that was often lost in the dense sonic explorations of many musicians at the time. Their lengthier pieces never seem to plod, rather they're allowed to mull through space, wrapping themselves in waves of time and sound. A strangely wound 60's folk album that's tied up in neither British antiquarianism nor American roots. It's distinctly German without feeling indebted to what was to become Krautrock.

[MP3] Witthuser & Westrupp - Illusion I
[MP3] Witthuser & Westrupp - Trippo Nova

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Blogger Yair Yona said...

This is such a beautiful album, hard to believe it's still relatively obscured.
Thanks for writing about it.

11:40 AM  

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