Topaz Rags

Finally a full length emerges from the dark recesses of Topaz Rags whose ranks count among them Britt from Robedoor and Amanda from Pocahaunted. Cloaked in pre-dawn exhaustion and heavy with unpredictable chemical interactions, Capricorn Born Again is the soundtrack to the after after party deep in some forgotten L.A. grotto. No celebrity faces here, no disco warriors, crisp-suited lotharios; just the kind of inexhaustible night creatures that feed on the wooden smell of bar fixtures and the lamp greased glow of marathon substance infusions. 4 am smoke clouds never mean giving up, just a rallying moment to collect in the calm ether before figuring out what happens when that sun comes up. Topaz Rags provide the perfect soundtrack to this after-hours purgatory, this respite from the cruelties and brutish reality of morning.

[MP3] Topaz Rags - Sightings
[MP3] Topaz Rags - Wear You Thin

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