Tom Fazzini - Neck To Neck
Released 25 years prior to the current crop of lo-fi, cold wave post-punkers; Tom Fazzini could teach these young punks a thing or three about industrial synth exploration. This album, which was recorded after Fazzini spent a maddening
time as a London Postal Carrier, is full of dark paranoia and cracked lunacy that feels like its on the edge of a breakdown. One minute the demons are wriggling their way out of the woodwork and the next you realize that Fazzini is just toying with listeners. According to Fazzini himself he made the album with the idea that he would have a short life and his desperation to make something substantial comes across on every minute of Neck To Neck. Fazzini would go on to make another solo album before joining A Small Good Thing but this dark classic stands as a primer that many of today's sinister synth crowd could use as a handbook.

[MP3] Tom Fazzini - Fioriora
[MP3] Tom Fazzini - Smokescreen

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