Soror Dolorosa

As with the Tom Fazzini record, French cold-wave creatures Soror Dolorosa could teach the current crop of would be dark synth wizards a thing or two about how to properly evoke everlasting despair. Rooted in a metal past but working firmly off the 80's post-punk/cold-wave/darkwave axis; the band matches insistent, twisting riffs with crisp snare snap pulsing underneath a dour-eyed croon that would make Ian Curtis himself sit up and take notice (let's hope not though, that'd be creepy). Severance chugs like an engine of desperation, cranking clouds of grey smoke over an uncaring countryside. So choked with rain, and industrial isolation that its hard to believe this is coming out of the borders of France rather than the English alleyways. Definitely a release that's slipped under the rug this year, and I myself am sad that I'm only getting around to it now. Don't sleep any longer.

[MP3] soror Dolorosa - Beau Suicide
[MP3] Soror Dolorosa - Thousand Clouds

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