Shits and Giggles

Finally there exists a release that might be worthy of that hypnagogic pop term being volleyed around by journalists of late and it goes by the name Shits and Giggles. The Dream Warrior himself, Ariel Pink has teamed up with those mischief makers Vas Deferens Organisation (purveyors of the esteemed Mutant Sounds Blog) to create a psychosomatic muddle of sound environments, shape-shifted hallucinations and pop fallout that works like the disorienting backdrop to David Lynch's lunch hour. The record blends together in a haze of sensory deprived spasms and culturally overloaded invocations with bits of dialog taking a slice through mariachi brunches and cocktail lounge hookups. It’s a trip well worth taking as long as you're ready for the ride. Even diehard Haunted Graffiti fans may want to strap on an extra seat belt for Trick or Treat.

[MP3] Shits and Giggles - More Valium On The Mellotron
[MP3] Shits and Giggles - Zykatronics

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